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Publication DateContent TitlePublicationDescriptionSpace Close Materials DueAudiencePractice AreasPOD OptionDistribution
6/28/176/28/17 Issue: Innovation*Credit Union TimesCredit unions pushing into new areas for growth6/7/176/14/17Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
7/12/177/12/17 Issue: Cybersecurity*Credit Union TimesSteps for fraud prevention and new cybersecurity tools6/21/176/28/17Financial Services/Banking/AccountingbothNational
7/19/177/19/17 Issue: Auto Lending*Credit Union TimesLending is a critical part of credit union earnings6/28/177/5/17Financial Services/Banking/AccountingbothNational
7/26/177/26/17 Issue: Credit/Debit Cards*Credit Union TimesRevenue, fraud and credit card technology trends7/5/177/12/17Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
8/2/178/2/17 Issue: CEO's Corner*Credit Union TimesFeaturing outstanding credit union CEOs7/12/177/19/17Financial Services/Banking/AccountingbothNational
8/9/178/9/17 Issue: Fraud*Credit Union TimesProtecting your credit union7/19/177/26/17Financial Services/Banking/AccountingbothNational
8/16/178/16/17 Issue: Human Resources/Benefits*Credit Union TimesHR leadership strategies for credit unions7/26/178/2/17Financial Services/Banking/AccountingbothNational
8/23/178/23/17 Issue: Cybersecurity*Credit Union TimesSteps for fraud prevention and new cybersecurity tools8/2/178/9/17Financial Services/Banking/AccountingbothNational
8/30/178/30/17 Issue: Noninterest income*Credit Union TimesNew ways to increase noninterest income for credit unions8/9/178/16/17Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
9/13/179/13/17 Issue: Regulation/Compliance*Credit Union TimesLatest regulation and compliance strategies for your credit union8/23/178/30/17Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
9/20/179/20/17 Issue: Social Media*Credit Union TimesNew ways credit unions can connect with members8/30/179/6/17Financial Services/Banking/AccountingbothNational
9/27/179/27/17 Issue: Mortgage Lending*Credit Union TimesLending is a critical part of credit union earnings9/6/179/13/17Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
10/4/1710/4/17 Issue: Retail Delivery/Frontline Technology*Credit Union TimesThe face-to-face and digital world of serving members9/13/179/20/17Financial Services/Banking/AccountingbothNational
10/11/1710/11/17 Issue: Emerging Markets*Credit Union TimesNew growth opportunities for credit unions9/20/179/27/17Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
10/18/1710/18/17 Issue: Women to Watch*Credit Union TimesFeaturing women in the credit union industry. PLUS semi-annual Ad Effectiveness Study.9/27/1710/4/17Financial Services/Banking/AccountingbothNational
10/25/1710/25/17 Issue: Mobile Banking/Payments*Credit Union TimesNew advancements in payment technologies10/4/1710/11/17Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
11/1/1711/1/17 Issue: Core Processing*Credit Union TimesAnalyzing the credit union IT infrastructure10/11/1710/18/17Financial Services/Banking/AccountingbothNational
11/8/1711/8/17 Issue: Trailblazers 40 Below*Credit Union TimesFocus on the up-and-coming generation of credit union leaders. PLUS 2018 Marketplace Directory10/11/1710/18/17Financial Services/Banking/AccountingbothNational
11/15/1711/15/17 Issue: Cybersecurity*Credit Union TimesSteps for fraud prevention and new cybersecurity tools10/25/1711/1/17Financial Services/Banking/AccountingbothNational
11/29/1711/29/17: Noninterest Income Issue*Credit Union TimesNew ways to increase noninterest income for credit unions11/8/1711/15/17Financial Services/Banking/AccountingbothNational
12/6/1712/6/17 Issue: Charitable Giving/Community Relations*Credit Union TimesCredit unions making a difference in their communities11/15/1711/22/17Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
12/13/1712/13/17 Issue: Extra Special Times*Credit Union TimesSpecial year-end issue11/22/1711/29/17Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
7/10/17Summer AssociatesNew Jersey Law JournalReview and analysis of summer programs at large law firms3/30/174/3/17Law Firm, Law School/UniversityLaw Firm Associates, Law Firm Management, Law Firm Marketing and Business Developmentboth
7/1/17FX and HedgingTreasury & RiskCorporate treasurers look at best practices in determining which proportion of currency exposures to hedge & ways to do so5/17/176/15/17Financial Services/Banking/Accountingonline
7/1/17Health Care SurveyBenefitsPROThe annual health care survey allows brokers to share their thoughts.5/22/175/26/17Insuranceboth
7/3/17MLP Investing GuideResearch on WealthExamines the opportunities in the energy sector5/22/175/26/17Financial Services/Banking/AccountingLifestyleboth
7/1/17Vision and Dental TrendsBenefitsPROWhat's hot (or not) with these staple products?5/22/175/26/17Insuranceboth
7/1/17Same sex marriage and employee benefitsBenefitsPROHow has the benefits world changed since the SCOTUS rulings? A look at discrimination cases, new benefits, and other trends.5/22/175/26/17Insuranceboth
7/3/17Portfolio Construction ChoicesResearch on WealthAre advisors embracing different approaches or are they moving to just keeping it simple when it comes to portfolio construction?5/22/175/26/17Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
7/1/17The New Face of IndexingInvestment AdvisorExploring the new landscape of index investing; including everything from smart beta & factor investing to actively managed ETFs.5/26/176/5/17Financial Services/Banking/AccountingbothNational
7/1/17Business LitigationCorporate CounselRecent developments in business litigation for corporate counsel. Publishes 7/1/2017.5/29/176/5/17CompanyInternational Business and Commercial Lawboth
6/27/17DiversityThe Legal IntelligencerTrends and issues surrounding diversity in the law5/29/176/9/17Consulting, Education, Organization/Association/Non-ProfitDiversityboth
7/1/17Special FOCUS Report: Family LawTexas LawyerDevelopments in family law in Texas5/29/176/5/17Law FirmFamily LawbothSoutheast
7/1/17In-House Texas: Cybersecurity for the GCTexas LawyerDevelopments in Cybersecurity for the GC and legal departments in Texas5/29/175/29/17Company, Law Firm, Law School/UniversityGeneral Counsel/In-house Attorneys, Intellectual PropertybothSouthwest
6/27/17The Leadership IssueReal Estate ForumCRE?s Best Bosses 20175/29/176/5/17Real Estateboth
7/1/17Pro Bono RankingsThe American LawyerRankings of leading law firms in pro bono. Publishes 7/1/2017.6/5/176/12/17Nonprofit/Trade Associations, Law FirmLaw Department Management, Law Firm Management, Law Firm Marketing and Business Development, Pro Bonoboth
7/1/17TechnologyClaimsPredictive modeling, Internet of Things6/5/176/12/17Insuranceboth
7/1/17Heads of the Lines: Top 10 P&C Premium Leaders, Top 100 Carriers/GroupsNational Underwriter Property & CasualtyThe top insurers in a variety of P&C lines, as well as the Top 100 Carriers and Top 100 Insurance Groups by net premiums written.6/5/176/12/17Insuranceboth
7/1/17NLJ 500The National Law JournalNLJ report on headcounts at largest 500 law firms with journalistic analysis. Publishes 7/1/2017.6/5/176/12/17Company, Law Firm, Organization/Association/Non-ProfitLarge Firms (150+), Law Firm Client Relationships, Law Firm Marketing and Business Development, Law Firm Office and Business Structure Changes, Midsize Firms (50 - 150)bothNational
6/22/17Professional ExcellenceDaily ReportAttorney of the Year; Lifetime Achievement; On the Rise6/12/176/15/17Law Firm, Law School/University, Organization/Association/Non-ProfitGeneral Counsel/In-house Attorneys, Government Agencies, Judges, Litigators, Pro Bonoboth
6/28/17Professional Excellence: On the RiseDaily ReportOn the Rise honorees6/12/176/15/17Company, Law FirmGeneral Counsel/In-house Attorneys, Large Firms (150+), Law Firm Associates, Law Firm Marketing and Business Developmentboth
6/26/17Real EstateNew York Law Journal6/26/17 ROP report with current developments in Real Estate from expert practitioners6/15/176/19/17Real Estate, Law FirmResidential and Commercial Real EstatebothNortheast
6/30/17Diversity: Minorities and WomenDaily Business ReviewFocus on diversity in the South Florida legal profession6/16/176/23/17Law FirmDiversityboth
8/1/17Industry ConsolidationBenefitsPROFrom brokers to carriers, consolidation continues to have a drastic impact on the industry. What's next?6/19/176/26/17Insuranceboth
9/15/17Legal Departments of the YearThe RecorderAchievement by in-house departments for large and emerging companies in California and in-house legal departments6/19/177/28/17Company, Government, Law FirmGeneral Counsel/In-house Attorneysonline
8/1/17Regulating VoluntaryBenefitsPROWhat regulatory changes could be ahead for voluntary products?6/19/176/26/17Insuranceboth
7/11/17Family LawThe Legal IntelligencerPractice articles surrounding family law6/19/176/30/17Organization/Association/Non-ProfitFamily Lawboth
9/15/17Corporate Department and Litigation Department of the YearThe RecorderLitigation and deal achievements by outside firms6/19/177/28/17Law FirmLaw Firm Marketing and Business Development, Law Firm Office and Business Structure Changes, Law Firm Partnersonline
8/1/17When does wellness work?BenefitsPROA look at the ineffectiveness of many wellness plans and what makes the best ones work?6/19/176/26/17Insuranceboth
7/28/17Women Leaders in Tech LawThe RecorderWomen Leaders in Tech Law6/19/176/16/17Company, Law Firm, Law School/UniversityLaw Firm Management, Law Firm Marketing and Business Development, Law Firm Partnersonline
7/10/17NYLJ 100New York Law Journal7/10/17 GLOSSY TABLOID report with chart of top 100 firms by number of attorneys in NY, plus more.6/22/176/26/17Law FirmbothNortheast
8/1/17In-House Texas: Litigation CostsTexas LawyerFocus on trends in litigation costs for the in-house community. Publishes in the August 2017 edition.6/26/177/3/17Law Firm, Law School/UniversityGeneral Counsel/In-house Attorneys, LitigatorsbothSouthwest
7/3/17Bar Exam Q&ANew Jersey Law Journalprovided by state bar6/26/176/28/17Education, Law School/UniversityCareer Development, Law Schools, Legal Professionprint
8/1/17Plaintiff Personal InjuryTexas LawyerCurrent developments in personal injury for the plaintiff firm. Publishes in the August 2017 edition.6/26/177/3/17Law FirmLitigatorsbothSouthwest
8/1/17Litigation and Legal Departments of the YearTexas LawyerTop firm litigation practice area leaders and top in-house legal department awards6/26/177/3/17Company, Law FirmLaw Department Management, Litigatorsboth
8/1/17GC CompensationCorporate CounselTop 100 highest paid general counsel in the U.S. Publishes 8/1/2017.6/26/177/3/17Company, Government, Law FirmGeneral Counsel/In-house Attorneysboth
7/31/17MarketingInvestment AdvisorHow advisors can efficiently promote using existing resources & services offered by your B-D, custodian or marketing firm.6/26/177/3/17Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
8/7/17Supreme Court Final Rule AmendmentsNew Jersey Law JournalNew Jersey Supreme Court Final Rule Amendments6/27/176/30/17Company, Government, Law Firm, Law School/University, Organization/Association/Non-ProfitCourt Administrationboth
7/10/17Directory of InHouse CounselNew Jersey Law JournalA directory of in-house corporate counsel in New Jersey.6/29/177/3/17Company, Law FirmCorporate Litigation, Law Department Management, Outside Counsel Retention and Managementboth
7/10/17In-House Georgia: CybersecurityDaily ReportReport focused on cybersecurity development for/about in-house counsel: practitioner insights and in-house profile6/29/177/3/17Computers/Information Technology, Law FirmCybersecurity, General Counsel/In-house Attorneysboth
8/1/17Workforce IssuesClaimsWorkplace violence, succession planning7/3/177/10/17Insuranceboth
8/1/17A-ListThe American LawyerThe top 20 firms that lead the industry: pro bono, associate satisfaction, diversity and financial performance. Publishes 8/1/17.7/3/177/10/17Law FirmLaw Firm Management, Law Firm Marketing and Business Development, Legal Professionboth
8/1/17Law SchoolsThe National Law JournalNLJ "back-to-law-school" report with analysis from practioners and journalists. Publishes 8/1/2017.7/3/177/10/17Education, Law Firm, Law School/UniversityCareer Development, Commercial Law, Law Firm Associates, Law Schools, Practice SkillsbothNational
8/1/17Excellence in Workers' Compensation Risk Management AwardsNational Underwriter Property & CasualtyThree champions in the arena of workers' comp risk management reveal the cost-saving secrets of their award-winning programs.7/3/177/10/17Insuranceboth
8/1/17SCOTUS ReviewThe National Law JournalNLJ look-ahead for the U.S. Supreme Court fall term. Publishes 8/1/2017.7/3/177/10/17Company, Government, Law FirmAppellate Law - Civil, Appellate Law - Criminal, Banking and Financial Institutions, Constitutional Law, Corporate Litigationboth
8/1/17Washington D.C. Legal Departments of the YearThe National Law JournalNLJ report on leading DC-area in-house legal department honorees awarded at dinner in November7/3/177/10/17Company, Government, Law FirmCorporate Litigation, General Counsel/In-house Attorneys, Legal Profession, Outside Counsel Retention and Managementboth
7/17/17LitigationNew York Law Journal7/17/17 TABLOID report with current developments in Litigation from expert practitioners7/6/177/10/17Law FirmLitigatorsbothNortheast
7/17/17Insurance LawConnecticut Law TribuneDevelopments in Insurance Law, publishing July 17, 2017.7/7/177/10/17InsuranceInsurance Lawonline
8/1/17Hotel PerspectivesReal Estate ForumTop Hotel Brokers7/10/177/17/17Real EstatebothNational
7/24/17Cuba Special ReportDaily Business ReviewFocus on Cuba and legal developments relating to the country.7/10/177/17/17GovernmentGovernment Agenciesboth
8/1/17Aging AmericaReal Estate ForumDemographics and CRE7/10/177/17/17Real EstatebothNational
8/1/17Specialty Pockets for CapitalReal Estate ForumHigh-Yielding Alternative Investments7/10/177/17/17Real EstatebothNational
8/1/17Net Lease ForumReal Estate ForumAfter the Peak7/10/177/17/17Real EstatebothNational
8/1/17Institutional Investor RoundtableReal Estate ForumReal Estate Forum and Transwestern's 21st Annual Exclusive Panel with Institutional Decision Makers7/10/177/17/17Real EstatebothNational
8/1/172017?s Women of InfluenceReal Estate ForumReal Estate Forum?s 24th Annual feature recognizing the best women in CRE. PLUS: Hall of Fame7/10/177/17/17Real EstatebothNational
9/1/17Banking RelationshipsTreasury & RiskHow will advances in technology influence the relationship between corporate treasury and their banks?7/12/178/10/17Financial Services/Banking/Accountingonline
7/24/17Family LawNew Jersey Law Journalarticles by outside contributors7/13/177/17/17Law Firm, Law School/University, Organization/Association/Non-ProfitElder Law, Family Law, Social Services Law, Taxation, Trusts and Estatesboth
9/1/17Retirement PlansBenefitsPROA look at trends, innovation, challenges and the ongoing effects of the DOL ruling7/17/177/24/17Insuranceboth
8/8/17Construction LawThe Legal IntelligencerDevelopments in Construction Law from expert practitioners.7/17/177/21/17Construction/Engineering/ArchitectureCommercial Lawboth
7/18/17Energy LawThe Legal IntelligencerDevelopments in energy law from expert practitioners7/17/177/21/17Energy/Utilities/Oil and Gas, Law FirmEnergy and Natural Resourcesboth
9/1/17Life Insurance AwarenessBenefitsPROCoverage for life insurance awareness month7/17/177/24/17Insuranceboth
9/1/17Exchanges (public and private)BenefitsPROWhat will it take to attract the necessary exchange numbers?7/17/177/24/17Insuranceboth
7/31/17Matrimonial LawNew York Law Journal7/31/17 ROP report with contributed content discussing current issues in Matrimonial Law7/20/177/24/17Law FirmFamily LawbothNortheast
9/1/17In-House Texas: Special Report on General Counsel Compensation [Corporate Roster]Texas LawyerReport on GC Compensation in Texas7/24/177/31/17Company, Law Firm, Law School/UniversityGeneral Counsel/In-house AttorneysbothSouthwest
9/1/17Market Report: The EUCorporate CounselLegal/business developments for in-house lawyers. Publishes 9/1/2017.7/24/177/31/17Company, Government, Law Firmboth
9/1/17Special FOCUS Report: Professional Liability and Legal MalpracticeTexas LawyerDevelopments in Professional Liability and Legal Malpractice7/24/177/31/17Law Firm, Law School/UniversityLegal Profession, Professional Ethics and Attorney DisciplinebothSouthwest
8/7/17Women in LawDaily Business ReviewFocus on women in the legal profession in South Florida.7/24/177/31/17Organization/Association/Non-ProfitDiversitybothSoutheast
9/1/17Professional Excellence/Rising Stars Award/Attorney of the YearTexas LawyerProfiles of outstanding Texas lawyers7/24/177/31/17Law Firm, Law School/UniversityLaw Firm Associates, Law Firm Marketing and Business Development, Law Firm Partners, Litigatorsboth
8/28/17The Broker-Dealers of the YearInvestment AdvisorOur 27th annual readers poll reveals the 2017 Broker-Dealers of the Year7/24/177/31/17Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
8/7/17In-House Georgia: LitigationDaily ReportReport focused on litigation for/about in-house counsel: practitioner insights and in-house profile7/27/177/31/17Law FirmGeneral Counsel/In-house Attorneys, Litigatorsboth
8/7/17Alternative Dispute ResolutionNew York Law Journal8/7/17 TABLOID report with developments in Alternative Dispute Resolution with practitioner insights.7/27/177/31/17Law FirmAlternative Dispute ResolutionbothNortheast
9/4/17Midlevel Associates SurveyThe American LawyerThe firms with the most satisfied associates. Publishes 9/1/2017.7/31/178/7/17Law FirmLarge Firms (150+), Lateral Moves, Law Firm Associates, Legal Professionboth
9/4/17WIPL: Women, Influence & Power in LawThe American LawyerEvent coverage of ALM's WIPL: Women, Influence & Power in Law event. Publishes 9/1/2017.7/31/178/7/17Law FirmLegal Professionboth
9/1/17Lifetime AchieversThe American LawyerHighlights of the distinguished careers of those within the most prominent law firms in the U.S.7/31/178/7/17Law FirmLaw Firm Management, Law Firm Marketing and Business Development, Law Firm Partners, Legal Profession, Midsize Firms (50 - 150)both
9/1/17DC Rising StarsThe National Law JournalNLJ report on 40 "rising stars" with journalistic and practitioner insights. Publishes 9/1/2017.7/31/178/7/17Company, Law Firm, Law School/UniversityGeneral Counsel/In-house Attorneys, Law Firm Associates, Law Firm Partners, Law Schools, Legal Professionboth
9/8/17Fraud detectionClaimsBI severities, opportunistic fraud, fraud & terrorism funding8/7/178/14/17Insuranceboth
9/1/17E&S (Surplus Lines) Market UpdateNational Underwriter Property & CasualtyChecking the pulse of the surplus lines market, with analysis and perspective from this sector's top players.8/7/178/14/17Insuranceboth
8/21/17Court of Appeals & Appellate PracticeNew York Law Journal8/21/17 TABLOID report with updates on recent tort, civil practice, criminal procedure and insurance cases, plus more.8/10/178/14/17Law FirmAppellate Law - Civil, Appellate Law - CriminalbothNortheast
8/21/17Bond Counsel SurveyNew Jersey Law Journalchart, data from Thomson Reuters8/14/178/16/17Law Firm, Law School/University, Organization/Association/Non-ProfitElection and Political Law, Finance and Productivity, Government Agenciesprint
9/1/17Real Estate New YorkReal Estate ForumProperty, Places and People to Watch8/14/178/21/17Retail Trade and DistributionbothNational
9/1/17Top Multifamily BrokersReal Estate ForumReal Estate Forum's Top Investment Sales Brokers: Multifamily8/14/178/21/17Real EstatebothNational
9/12/17Office OutlookReal Estate ForumFundamentals and Investment8/14/178/21/17Real Estateboth
9/1/17Midyear Commercial Market UpdateReal Estate ForumCRE and Capital in the current environment8/14/178/21/17Real EstatebothNational
9/1/17Top Office BrokersReal Estate ForumReal Estate Forum's Top Leasing & Sales Brokers: Office8/14/178/21/17Real EstatebothNational
9/1/17Office OutlookReal Estate ForumFundamentals and Investment8/14/178/21/17Real EstatebothNational
9/1/17Multifamily MattersReal Estate ForumWhat's on Apartment Professional's Minds?8/14/178/21/17Real EstatebothNational
10/1/17Global - Doing Business After BrexitTreasury & RiskPost-Brexit, we explain the factors that treasurers whose companies operate in Europe should be keeping an eye on.8/16/179/14/17Financial Services/Banking/Accountingonline
8/28/17Fashion LawNew York Law Journal8/28/17 TABLOID report with contributed content discussing current issues in Fashion Law8/17/178/21/17Law FirmContracts, Intellectual Property, Labor and Employment, LitigatorsbothNortheast
8/28/17PI Top AwardsNew Jersey Law JournalA ranking of the top personal injury awards in New Jersey over the last year8/17/178/21/17Law Firm, Law School/UniversityTortsbothNortheast
8/29/17Litigation: InsuranceThe Legal IntelligencerPractice articles surrounding insurance law8/18/178/21/17Company, Law FirmInsurance Lawboth
10/1/17Open EnrollmentBenefitsPROThe latest strategies, trends and advice from industry experts.8/21/178/28/17Insuranceboth
9/12/17GC CompensationThe Legal IntelligencerAnalysis of PA-based GC compensation8/21/179/1/17Company, Organization/Association/Non-ProfitGeneral Counsel/In-house Attorneysboth
10/1/17Employer SurveyBenefitsPROThis annual survey focuses on employer and human resource manager perspectives on the benefits business8/21/178/28/17Insuranceboth
10/2/17Tech ToolsResearch on WealthHow are employee-advisors keeping a competitive advantage when it comes to in-house technology platforms?8/21/178/28/17Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
10/1/17Law Firm Tech TrendsLegaltech NewsNew operation trends and budgets, the products and processes8/24/178/31/17CompanyTrial Technologyboth
9/5/17In-House Georgia: GC CompensationDaily ReportReport focused on GC compensation for/about in-house counsel: practitioner insights and in-house profile8/24/178/28/17Law FirmGeneral Counsel/In-house Attorneysboth
10/1/17In-House Texas: Special Report on Cross-Border IssuesTexas LawyerCurrent developments in cross-border issues for the inhouse community8/28/179/4/17Law Firm, Law School/UniversityGeneral Counsel/In-house Attorneys, Immigration LawbothSouthwest
10/1/17Special FOCUS Report: Immigration LawTexas LawyerCurrent developments in Immigration Law8/28/179/4/17Law Firm, Law School/UniversityImmigration LawbothSouthwest
10/1/17TL Report: Annual High Courts in ReviewTexas LawyerAnnual report on the Texas Supreme Court by the numbers and with analysis8/28/179/4/17Law Firm, Law School/UniversityLitigatorsbothSouthwest
10/1/17Who Reps America's Biggest Companies?Corporate CounselThe law firms that represent the nation's biggest companies. Publishes 10/1/2017.8/28/179/4/17CompanyGeneral Counsel/In-house Attorneys, Large Firms (150+), Law Department Management, Law Firm Management, Law Firm Marketing and Business Developmentboth
10/2/17The RIA IssueInvestment AdvisorRIAs are growing in numbers and AUM every day. But is that a good thing for the industry, and for their clients?8/28/179/1/17Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
9/12/17Trial TechThe Legal IntelligencerAdvertising section8/31/179/4/17Law FirmTrial Technologyboth
9/11/17Trusts & EstatesNew York Law Journal9/11/17 ROP report with contributed content discussing current issues in Trusts & Estates8/31/179/4/17Law FirmTrusts and EstatesbothNortheast
9/11/17GC Compensation/corporate counsel suppNew Jersey Law JournalA survey of compensation of general counsel in New Jersey8/31/179/4/17CompanyBusiness Entities, Corporate Litigation, General Counsel/In-house Attorneysboth
10/1/17Subrogation/Cyber securityClaimsCyber & subrogation claims, new cyber threats and how to mitigate them9/1/179/11/17Insuranceboth
10/1/17Independent Agency of the Year Awards 2017National Underwriter Property & CasualtyIndependent Agency of the Year Awards 20179/1/179/11/17Real Estate, Retail Trade and Distribution, CompanyLabor and Employmentonline
10/2/17Summer Associates SurveyThe American LawyerBest firms for summer associates. Publishes 10/1/2017.9/4/179/11/17Law FirmLaw Firm Associatesboth
9/18/17Commercial Real Estate Annual ReportDaily Business ReviewCommercial real estate special report.9/4/179/11/17Real EstateResidential and Commercial Real Estateboth
10/2/17Global Legal AwardsThe American LawyerThe world's top-grossing law firms and what makes them so successful. Publishes 10/1/2017.9/4/179/11/17Law FirmLaw Firm Marketing and Business Developmentboth
10/2/17Global 100The American LawyerThe world's top-grossing law firms and what makes them so successful. Publishes 10/1/2017.9/4/179/11/17Law FirmLarge Firms (150+), Law Firm Management, Law Firm Partners, Law Firm Profitability, Law Firm Rates and Billing Practicesboth
10/1/17Winning LitigatorsThe National Law JournalNLJ annual report on winning litigators. Publishes 10/1/2017.9/4/179/11/17Company, Government, Law FirmBanking and Financial Institutions, Commercial Law, Corporate Litigation, Election and Political Law, Government Agenciesboth
9/18/17Intellectual PropertyNew Jersey Law Journalarticles by outside contributors9/6/179/6/17Pharmaceuticals/Life SciencesIntellectual Propertyboth
9/18/17ADRDaily ReportReport on Alternative Dispute Resolution with practioner insights9/7/179/11/17Law Firm, Law School/UniversityAlternative Dispute Resolutionboth
9/18/17GC CompNew York Law Journal9/18/17 ROP report with analysis of NY-based GC compensation9/7/179/11/17CompanybothNortheast
9/18/17Land UseConnecticut Law TribuneDevelopments in Land Use Law, publishing September 18, 2017.9/8/179/11/17Agriculture and Mining, Construction/Engineering/Architecture, Energy/Utilities/Oil and GasLand Use and Planningonline
10/1/17Real Estate Southern CaliforniaReal Estate ForumDeveloper's Forum9/11/179/18/17Real Estateboth
10/1/17The Career IssueReal Estate ForumThe Best Places to Work9/11/179/18/17Real EstatebothNational
10/1/17Tech TalkReal Estate ForumThe Latest and Greatest9/11/179/18/17Real EstatebothNational
10/1/17Hotel PerspectivesReal Estate ForumAnnual Hotel Power Panel9/11/179/18/17Real Estateboth
10/1/17The Career IssueReal Estate Forum2017's Fifty Under 409/11/179/18/17Real EstatebothNational
10/1/17The Career IssueReal Estate ForumEmerging Entrepreneurial Firms9/11/179/18/17Real EstatebothNational
11/1/17Cybersecurity for Treasury & FinanceTreasury & RiskHere we look at what treasury and finance teams should be doing to put up their best defense against cybercriminals.9/13/1710/12/17Financial Services/Banking/Accountingonline
9/26/17Legal RecruitingThe Legal IntelligencerAdvertising section9/14/179/18/17Law FirmLaw Firm Profitability, Legal ProfessionbothNortheast
9/25/17Corporate Restructuring & BankruptctyNew York Law Journal9/25/17 TABLOID report with contributed content discussing current issues in Corporate Restructuring & Bankruptcy9/14/179/18/17Law FirmBankruptcybothNortheast
9/25/17Top 40 Law FirmsNew Jersey Law JournalOur annual ranking of New Jersey law firms9/14/179/18/17Company, Government, Law Firm, Law School/University, Organization/Association/Non-ProfitbothNortheast
11/1/17One year out from the electionBenefitsPROWhat changes has the industry seen since the new president was elected?9/18/179/25/17Insuranceboth
11/1/17Property & CasualtyBenefitsPROA look at the merging worlds of benefits and P&C9/18/179/25/17Insuranceboth
10/2/17In-House Georgia: Cross-Border IssuesDaily ReportMonthly report for/about in-house counsel: practitioner insights and in-house profile9/21/179/25/17Companyboth
11/1/17In-House Texas: Special Report on E-DiscoveryTexas LawyerFocus on E-Discovery trends for the inhouse community9/25/1710/2/17Company, Law Firm, Law School/UniversityEducation Law, Evidence, General Counsel/In-house AttorneysbothSouthwest
11/1/17TL Report: Bar Exam Pass Rates and profile story on top scorerTexas LawyerReport on Texas bar pass rates and top scorer9/25/1710/2/17Law Firm, Law School/UniversityLegal ProfessiononlineSouthwest
11/1/17E-DiscoveryCorporate CounselWhat's new? What's working? Pitfalls and Mistakes in E-Discovery. Publishes 11/1/2017.9/25/1710/2/17Company, Law FirmE-discoveryboth
11/1/17Special FOCUS Report: Labor and EmploymentTexas LawyerDevelopments in Labor & Employment9/25/1710/2/17Law Firm, Law School/UniversityLabor and EmploymentbothSouthwest
11/1/17Survey: Managing PartnersTexas LawyerReport on Texas Managing Partners9/25/1710/2/17Law Firm, Law School/UniversityLaw Department Management, Law Firm Office and Business Structure Changes, Law Firm PartnersonlineSouthwest
10/30/17Alternative RealityInvestment AdvisorWe explore how advisors are using alternatives for diversification and non-correlation purposes and to meet client preferences.9/25/1710/2/17Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
10/9/17App Div Judicial SurveyNew Jersey Law JournalA survey of local attorneys about the judges of the Appellate Division9/28/1710/2/17Law Firm, Law School/University, Organization/Association/Non-ProfitJudgesbothNortheast
11/1/17New Partners SurveyThe American LawyerWhat it takes to make partner. Publishes 11/1/2017.10/2/1710/9/17Law FirmLaw Firm Partnersboth
11/1/17Asia 50/China 35The American LawyerAsia's largest law firms by head count and China's highest-grossing firms. Publishes 11/1/2017.10/2/1710/9/17Law FirmLaw Firm Management, Law Firm Partnersboth
11/1/17Liability/Property damageClaimsOpen & obvious defense, assumption of risk, property damage claims & liability10/2/1710/9/17Insuranceboth
11/1/17Excellence in Cyber Security Risk Management AwardNational Underwriter Property & CasualtyOne winner exhibiting best practices in cyber risk management is profiled and receives our annual award.10/2/1710/9/17Insuranceboth
11/1/17Appellate Hot ListThe National Law JournalNLJ annual report on top appellate lawyers. Publishes 11/1/2017.10/2/1710/9/17Company, Government, Law FirmAppellate Law - Civil, Appellate Law - Criminal, Banking and Financial Institutions, Corporate Litigation, Law Firm Partnersboth
10/16/17Insurance LawNew York Law Journal10/16/17 ROP report with contributed content discussing current issues in Insurance Law10/5/1710/9/17Insurance, Law FirmInsurance LawbothNortheast
10/16/17Real Estate & ConstructionNew Jersey Law Journalarticles by outside contributors10/5/1710/9/17Construction/Engineering/Architecture, Real Estate, Law FirmContracts, Land Use and Planning, Landlord/Tenant Law, Residential and Commercial Real Estateboth
10/23/17Real Estate Biggest DealsDaily Business ReviewBiggest South Florida commercial real estate deals of the year.10/9/1710/16/17Real EstateResidential and Commercial Real Estateboth
10/30/17Top NJ Settlements 2016New Jersey Law JournalIn partnership with VerdictSearch -- Top settlements, mediations and arbitrations in NJ10/11/1710/18/17Company, Government, Law FirmMedical Malpractice, Midsize Firms (50 - 150), Products Liability, Small Firms/Solos (1 - 49), Workers' Compensation and Other Compensation Systemsboth
10/31/17Fall Bar PassDaily ReportList of those who passed July Bar Exam, plus essays by lawyers on advice for new lawyers10/16/1710/18/17Law Firm, Law School/UniversityLaw Schoolsboth
12/1/17What's Next?BenefitsPROWhat will the year ahead hold for benefits professionals?10/16/1710/23/17Insuranceboth
11/7/17Labor and EmploymentThe Legal IntelligencerDevelopments in Labor & Employment from expert practitioners10/16/1710/27/17Retail Trade and Distribution, Company, Law FirmLabor and Employmentboth
12/1/172017 Wrap UpBenefitsPROA look back at the year in benefits10/16/1710/23/17Insuranceboth
10/30/17Mergers & AcquisitionsNew York Law Journal10/30/17 ROP repot with contributed content discussing current issues in M&A10/19/1710/23/17Law FirmDeals and TransactionsbothNortheast
12/1/17In-House Texas: Special Report on Corporate ComplianceTexas LawyerCurrent developments in Corporate Compliance for the inhouse community10/23/1710/30/17Company, Law Firm, Law School/UniversityGeneral Counsel/In-house AttorneysbothSouthwest
12/1/17TL Report: Year in ReviewTexas LawyerTexas Lawyer looks at a year of legal developments and the people who shaped them10/23/1710/30/17Law Firm, Law School/UniversityLegal ProfessionbothSouthwest
11/14/17Litigation: Personal InjuryThe Legal IntelligencerPractice articles surrounding personal injury10/23/1710/27/17Law FirmPersonal Propertyboth
12/1/17Survey: Billing Rates [Salary & Billing]Texas LawyerReport on Texas law firm billing rates and salaries10/23/1710/30/17Law Firm, Law School/UniversityLaw Firm Office and Business Structure Changes, Law Firm Profitability, Law Firm Rates and Billing PracticesbothSouthwest
12/1/17TechnologyInvestment AdvisorFintech and robos. Virtual reality. Cybersecurity. Technology issues facing advisors and ways to best optimize their practices.10/23/1710/30/17Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
11/6/17Labor & EmploymentNew York Law Journal11/6/17 ROP report with contributed content discussing current issues in Labor & Employment10/26/1710/30/17Law FirmLabor and EmploymentbothNortheast
11/6/17In-House Georgia: E-discoveryDaily ReportReport focused on E-discovery for/about in-house counsel: practitioner insights and in-house profile10/26/1710/30/17Law FirmE-discoveryboth
11/6/17Diverse Attorneys of the YearNew Jersey Law JournalA look at prominent, diverse attorneys of New Jersey.10/26/1710/30/17Company, Law Firm, Organization/Association/Non-ProfitGeneral Counsel/In-house Attorneysonline
11/6/17Workplace Injury Litigaiton/NJAJ Seminar GuideNew Jersey Law Journalarticles by outside contributors10/26/1710/30/17Health Care/Medical, Insurance, Law FirmInsurance Law, Labor and Employment, Workersboth
12/1/17Law Firm Leaders SurveyThe American LawyerState of the industry report from law firm leaders. Publishes 12/1/2017.10/30/1711/6/17Law FirmLaw Firm Management, Law Firm Marketing and Business Development, Law Firm Partnersboth
12/1/17The State of LitigationThe American LawyerLitigation trends in Big Law, top litigators and matters of the year.10/30/1711/6/17Law FirmLarge Firms (150+), Law Firm Management, Law Firm Marketing and Business Development, Law Firm Partners, Law Firm Profitabilityboth
11/9/17Professional Excellence AwardsConnecticut Law TribuneProfessional Excellence - Lifetime Achievers, New Leaders and Attorney of the Year. Publishes November 9, 2017.10/30/1711/1/17Media/Publishing, Company, Law FirmCorporate Litigation, General Counsel/In-house Attorneys, Law Firm Associates, Law Firm Partners, Legal Professiononline
11/13/17LitigationNew York Law Journal11/13/17 TABLOID report with contributed content discussing current issues in Litigation11/2/1711/6/17Law FirmLitigatorsbothNortheast
11/13/17Law Firm Leaders Survey (aka Managing Partners Survey)Daily ReportResults of a survey of law firm managing partners and practice group leaders11/6/1711/8/17Law FirmLaw Firm Management, Law Firm Partners, Law Firm Profitabilityboth
11/20/17Law Firm Leaders SurveyDaily Business ReviewAnnual survey of Florida law firm leaders.11/6/1711/13/17Law FirmLaw Firm Managementboth
12/1/17Year in ReviewClaimsClaims Salary Survey, Hall of Shame11/6/1711/13/17Insuranceboth
12/1/17Expensive Lessons in Claims-Management LitigationNational Underwriter Property & CasualtyClaims-management litigation is a huge expense for many insurers. Here we provide lessons in how to keep those costs at bay.11/6/1711/13/17Insuranceboth
11/21/17PALawThe Legal IntelligencerData, Charts, etc. on firms, law schools, managing partners11/9/1711/13/17Law Firm, Organization/Association/Non-ProfitGeneral Counsel/In-house Attorneys, Large Firms (150+), Law Firm Management, Law Firm Profitability, Law SchoolsbothNortheast
11/20/17NJ LawNew Jersey Law JournalA collection of data regarding the legal profession in New Jersey, gathered and analyzed over the last year11/9/1711/13/17Company, Law Firm, Law School/UniversitybothNortheast
12/1/17Healthcare InsightsReal Estate ForumHealthcare Real Estate Development, Investment and Operations11/13/1711/20/17Real EstatebothNational
12/1/17Annual Outlook IssueReal Estate ForumAltOpportunities 201811/13/1711/20/17Real EstatebothNational
12/1/17Industrial UpdateReal Estate ForumWill e-commerce and business expansion keep the sector on top?11/13/1711/20/17Real EstatebothNational
11/1/17The 2018 Outlook IssueReal Estate ForumBest Bets & Biggest Busts11/13/1711/20/17Real EstatebothNational
12/1/17Top Brokers: IndustrialReal Estate ForumMost Successful Industrial Leasing and Investment Sales Brokers11/13/1711/20/17Real EstatebothNational
11/27/17Alternative Dispute ResolutionNew York Law Journal11/27/17 TABLOID report with contributed content discussing current issues in the ADR11/16/1711/20/17Law FirmAlternative Dispute ResolutionbothNortheast
12/4/17CybersecurityLegaltech NewsTop names in cybersecurity technology from across multiple industries11/20/1711/27/17CompanyProduct News and Reviews, Trial Technologyboth
12/1/17Corporate Restructuring and BankruptcyCorporate CounselRecent developments and strategy in restructuring and bankruptcy. Publishes 12/1/20017.11/20/1711/27/17CompanyBusiness Entitiesboth
12/4/17Employment & ImmigrationNew Jersey Law Journalarticles by outside contributors11/20/1711/22/17Company, Law FirmImmigration Law, Labor and Employment, Law Department Management, Law Firm Managementboth
12/4/17In-House Georgia: Compliance and RegulatoryDaily ReportReport for/about in-house counsel: practitioner insights and in-house profile11/23/1711/27/17Government, Law Firm, Law School/UniversityInformation Governance and Complianceboth
12/11/17Most Effective LawyersDaily Business ReviewProfiles of the most effective lawyering and lawyers in South Florida. Publishes 12/11/201711/27/1712/4/17Law FirmLitigatorsbothSoutheast
12/11/17White-Collar CrimeNew York Law Journal12/11/17 ROP report with contributed content discussing current issues in White Collar Crime11/30/1712/4/17Government, Law FirmWhite Collar CrimebothNortheast
12/11/17Product Liability & Class ActionsNew Jersey Law Journalarticles by outside contributors11/30/1712/4/17Company, Law FirmCivil Procedure, Products Liabilityboth
12/11/17Billing ratesDaily ReportInformation on billing rates at firms12/4/1712/6/17Law FirmLaw Firm Client Relationships, Law Firm Rates and Billing Practicesboth
12/11/17Bar Exam Q&ANew Jersey Law Journalprovided by state bar12/4/1712/6/17Education, Law Firm, Law School/UniversityLaw Schoolsboth
12/18/17LitigationNew York Law Journal12/18/17 TABLOID report with contributed content discussing current issues in the Litigation12/7/1712/11/17Law FirmLitigatorsbothNortheast

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